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Community Garden

The Roxby Downs Community Garden is located on a 1.48 acre site on a reserve bounded by Pioneer Drive, Alberrie and Mulgaria streets. The garden is in the early stages of development with the recent completion of key pieces of major infrastructure including composting bays, a garden shed, fence and a water tank. Planning is now underway to develop the rest of the site into a fully functioning community space.

Volunteers are the catalyst for the Roxby Downs Community Garden. Currently the group has expanded with the new vision and is welcoming new volunteers who have a green thumb or a keen interest to get involved. You can be involved by joining the Community Garden Committee which generally meets every 2nd Thursday of the month at 6:30pm in the Council Boardroom. These meetings are for planning the direction of the garden. The Garden group also holds regular gardening workshops, planting days and other more hands on activities at the Community Garden which provides another (or additional) way in which you can participate. These activities are always open to the entire Roxby Downs community and all are family friendly.

For more information, to be notified about upcoming events or to join the planning committee contact Anni Walsh on 0448168167 or via email

Information about upcoming events are also regularly posted on the Community Garden's facebook page.


Composting is fantastic way of reducing waste and creating a valuable product for your garden. Compost provides plants both nutrients and helps retain moisture, both of which are vital in our local desert sandy conditions. In an average household up to 50% of general waste could be composted and by removing these items from the general waste stream and placing them instead into your own backyard compost bin you are significantly reducing your  green house gas emissions  (both from the gases that would be released from the fermentation of the organic material in general landfill and the fossil fuels that would be involved in transporting this waste to a landfill site). So if you are wondering what you can personally do about the issue of climate change, look into composting! There are composting solutions to suit all households even if you don't have a garden.

In 2013/14 the Community Garden received a grant from the FRRR to provide workshops and information about composting to the Roxby Downs Community. Many workshops were held over this time at the community garden, to various school/kindy/scout groups and a composting brochure was produced which is available free at community garden events, from the Roxby Council office or by download here.

Roxby Downs Community Garden Composting Brochure Roxby Downs Community Garden Composting Brochure (1591 KB)

If you would like any more information additional information how you can incorporate composting at home members of the Community Garden are more than willing to assist. 

Community Garden Survey

A recent survey was conducted of the Roxby Downs Community to help the Garden Committee plan for the future. The results of this survey area available here:

No media download found.

Photos of the Community Garden and Events

The Community Garden Shed

Composting bays built at the garden from recycled wooden pallets

Native Pea Propagation Workshop

Propagating Veggie Seedlings

Looking to plant some hardy plants in your home garden?

Many species can be a nuisance or become weeds, even in the arid zone.

So be sure that you make a responsible choice and check out the following link for advice on what may be considered a irresponsible choice and some alternatives.

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