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Having a baby is a life changing event

Being a parent is probably the most valuable and rewarding job in the world.

Caring for children can also be very demanding.

Even the most loving and caring parents can experience feelings of frustration and stress.

Having a baby changes your life.

Every baby is different.

Babies depend on you for their every need.

Some parents make this adjustment more easily than others.

Support is available. Strengthening Our Families Program is available for you.


How can this program help me?

A volunteer home visitor provides help and support to families in the family home.  All visitors are specially selected, trained and supported by health professionals.

Support can include:

  • Practical help with care of the baby such as feeding, bathing or settling. Help with care of other children in the family.
  • Time out, allowing parents to have time out maybe to catch up on some sleep or to have some company when shopping.
  • Emotional support, providing a listening ear, parenting advice and support.
  • Contact with others, linking parents with community resources, services and networks.
  • Support with Special Needs, for families with multiple births or a baby or child with a disability.



Strengthening our families

Has been created to assist families with young children. A coordinator can visit you to assess your family needs. Then a specially selected and trained home visitor will be allocated to provide support to your family in your own home.

Home visitors will be overseen by the coordinator who keeps in contact with you and your home visitor regularly. All home visitors are trained and supported by health professionals so you can be confident of their expertise.

We are happy to provide the help and support that your family needs. Please contact Coodrinator - Community Support Programs on 0422 000 210.

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About the Volunteers

The volunteers are carefully selected from the community, and undertake full training before being accepted in the program.

Ongoing supervision and support is provided to the volunteers through regular education and support meetings.

If you are interested in being a volunteer please contact The Roxby Downs Health Service on 8671 9020.

For more information about Strengthening Our Families
Contact Roxby Downs Health Service on 8671 9020.

Volunteering - Strengthening Our Families Volunteering - Strengthening Our Families (215 KB)


Parent Helpline

A 24 hour, 7 day a week telephone service (Local call cost only).

Providing information and support to parents on issues relating to; Child or Youth Health and Parenting Development or Behaviour problems, call 1300 364 100.


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