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Community Board


Community Board
For Further Information
Contact:  Michelle Hales - Executive Officer
Mobile:    0418 833 818


Sasha Yantewo - Executive Support Officer
Mobile:    0428 727 583
Postal:     PO Box 85, Roxby Downs SA 5725 

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Board Recruitment Information Board Recruitment Information (692 KB)

The Roxby Downs Community Board was established in 2005 and subsequently incorporated as a non profit association on 29 December 2006. The Board has 9 subcommittees (called Forums and Partnerships) where members of the community can focus on particular areas of interest.

A community board member sits on each forum or partnership creating a two way communication link with the Community Board.

The Board's vision is that Roxby Downs is:

“a young and vibrant town with a caring, tolerant, diverse community that aims for strong interdependent business and social partnerships to provide a safe, healthy and financially secure lifestyle”.

The purpose of the Association is to promote the interests of the community by:

  • acting as the peak community body in Roxby Downs to work towards achieving the community's vision by overseeing the implementation of the Roxby Downs Community Plan
  • acting as the overseeing body of the forums and partnerships which are subcommittees of the Community Board
  • liaising with government authorities, private sector businesses and members of the community in order to share and exchange information
  • liaising with local media for the purpose of communicating the progress and promotion of the Community Plan.


In 2002 the Roxby Downs Council instigated and supported the formation of a Community Board with the expressed purpose of forming an ever evolving community plan. The plan was released in April 2005.

Link to Community Plan Link to Community Plan (4471 KB)

The Community Plan (2005) reflects the aspirations of the community which are for Roxby Downs to be recognised as a:

“healthy town, welcoming town, learning community, model environmentally friendly town, family oriented town and a place for personal development”.


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